GenCore Training Sessions

Please select the equipment for which you need training. We suggest training shortly before (1-2 weeks) you need to use the instrument in order to better retain the information provided.

Note that we no longer offer trainings with samples. If you need help with your first run, schedule a Refresher Training.

For building access and more information, visit our website

Refresher Training

Refresher Training-

Has it been a while since your training session or since the last time you used the instrument? Need a brief reminder of how things work? Sign up for a refresher!

(10 minutes)


Cyclers - Roche 480 LightCycler

8th Fl CGSB

(30 minutes)

Cyclers - BioRad CFX96 RT-qPCR

8th Fl Brown

(30 minutes)

High Throughput


Sonicators - Covaris S220 Sonicator

8th Fl CGSB

(30 minutes)

Sonicators - Covaris ME220

8th Fl CGSB

(30 minutes)
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